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LOOkX | 紫莓舒緩精華油 Balance Oil


商品介紹 (旅行裝)

即時舒緩安撫肌膚的油狀精華。富含專利覆盆莓葉幹細胞精粹 ,緩解肌膚老化壓力,促進肌底細胞淨化,提升肌膚透亮度。同時含有乳香、迷迭香及黑醋栗油,協同修護並安撫肌膚,有助提升肌膚屏障 。適合一般膚質、敏感膚質、美容鐳射的肌膚保養。




保存期限 常溫3年

Balance oil:LOOkX Balance oil gets any skin type back in balance! Calms, repairs, hydrates, and has anti-ageing properties. When used daily, a protective shield will form onto the skin. This makes your skin less susceptible to harmful influences from the outside, and stress from the inside.   

Smart beauty:
- Hybrid: reduces redness and calms eczema, repairs, protects, de-stresses and smooths.
- Smart formula: very concentrated, two drops will do (and smaller packaging, less waste!)
- Plant stem cells add power and effectiveness.

Clean beauty:suitable for all skintypes, natural ingredients, free of parabens & mineral oils, vegan, free of animal cruelty, sustainable production process. 

LOOkX Skin science:plant stem cell technology. 

Key ingredients for a powerful result:
-Black currant oilreduces redness and eczema, balances the skin, protects cell membrane lipids and acts as a perfect moisturizer.
-Raspberry plant stem cell extractsmoothing, protects the skin against premature ageing.
-Boswellia Serrata extractcaptures free radicals, antiseptic, increases skin’s natural resistance.      


紫莓舒緩精華油 Balance Oil 5ml

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